5 Most Popular Online Home Business Solutions for 2011

5 Most Popular Online Home Business Solutions for 2011

There is a growing trend for people to work at home with most looking for an online home business that requires little training and upfront payment and is also one of the easy businesses to start. What many do not realize is that their experience in working for someone else may be the key to starting their own online home business. Turning their hobby into a business is possibly the easiest way to strike out on their own in the online business world. For 2011, there are five popular business ideas growing in popularity.

1. Hobbies such as photography, are also easy businesses to start and with a reliable internet connection can be turned into an online home business. There are many people with a digital camera who have no idea how to crop or enhance their photos and you can help them out. They can email the raw pictures to you for enhancing and then send them back via the Internet. They can also pay you online allowing you to create an income stream without ever leaving the house.

2. The second of the most popular and easy businesses to start is desktop publishing. With the right software, you can design pamphlets and brochures for businesses or civic groups, willing to pay for your expertise. They can email their information and once you design their product, it can be sent back electronically for them to approve and take to a printer for processing.

3. Online marketing is a growing field as well as a viable online home business. Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their online visibility and with a little bit of research, you can learn about the many ways to get their name and website into the minds of others.

4. Social networking is one of the newest ways companies are engaging with their customers. Working with businesses to maintain their presence on their social sites is one of the easy businesses to start. All you have to do is update the social networking sites with information such as special sales and deals as well as post information the company may want to use for public relations purposes.

5. Web design is another of the easy businesses to start and if you have the expertise you can turn that knowledge into an online home business. Not every business has the knowledge or someone on staff to create or maintain their website and is always looking for the talented individuals who can.


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